For the first time, Liquid and tokenized equity.

TurinPool creates liquid markets to tokenize companies' equity (economic rights to SL shares), allowing them to access new forms of financing, attract new investors or allow their partners to make cash-outs.

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Easy-to-access liquidity for everyone

For investors

TurinPool offers the possibility of buying the economic rights to the Equity of any listed SL, being able to create liquid and diversified portfolios for investors.

Designed for non-crypto users
Invest and divest 24x7, at your own pace
Customizable investment portfolios
Decentralized liquidity via DeFi pools

For firms

Through tokenization, TurinPool allows any company to access liquidity by selling tokenized economic rights, while maintaining governance.

Get liquidity without losing political rights
Use tools that give value to your company
Access new forms of funding
Total transparency throughout the process

Why choose TurinPool?

We have developed the only framework capable of building decentralized liquidity for Equity tokens. Until TurinPool, the only way entrepreneurs or investors could make cash was to sell the company or make it public. With TurinPool, any limited company can have “public” exposure by tokenizing its economic rights, and any investor can, with TurinPool, invest and divest in any company they want.

Based on liquidity pools

Based on liquidity pools

Inspired by Uniswap's proven DeFi AMMs, our liquidity pools facilitate transparent trading.

Seamless tokenization

Solution to a global problem

TurinPool solves the problem of lack of LIQUIDITY: tokenization together with DeFi tools makes it possible to provide liquidity to the ecosystem.

European flag (compliance)

Legal Compliance

TurinPool guarantees that all tokenization processes are 100% compliant with current regulations.

Include Equity-tokens from the most innovative companies in your portfolio

At TurinPool, we make it easy for you to buy and exchange tokens that represent the economic rights of a company's shares. Our platform offers you a simple and secure way to invest in listed companies. Here's how to get started:

1. Create an account and validate your KYC
2. Analyze our selection of companies (Markets) and choose one to invest in
Tether USDT
3. Buy or sell any company's tokens using USDT
4. Keep track of your investments and access up-to-date information about them

Keep track of your investments

With the help of our simple interface, you can easily manage your investments. Check the performance, the value of your portfolio, the volume of operations and download your personalized investment report daily, weekly or monthly.

Panel for investors

As an investor, you can easily track your portfolio, investments, returns and results. You'll also have access to markets where you can search for available companies to invest in.

Access to business information about the company
Define and enforce your own investment policies
Easily manage, buy or sell positions
Keep track of your transactions in a complete control panel
Panel for firms

As a company, you will have at your disposal a complete infrastructure to capture liquidity and expose Equity-tokens to the market, as well as to keep an exhaustive and real-time control of the token holders.

24x7 access to global metrics
Access to the full list of investors
Complete inverter management (highs, lows, lockout)
Liquidity fund management and token analysis

Equity líquido abierto al mundo

TurinPool offers you access to a multitude of markets, allowing you to invest in sectors that suit your interests and knowledge. Every month we'll be adding new companies to invest in.


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A guide to understanding the advantages of tokenizing your company's equity

Learn about the importance of tokenizing a company's equity and why TurinPool may be the missing piece of your company. In this guide we tell you about the 5 benefits of Tokenize the equity of your company...


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